Tamarind: a taste of Laos

Come try the intriguing and fresh new tastes of Lao cuisine.

Try a sampling platter or create your own buffet of shared plates while our staff explain what you are eating and how to do so, Lao-style! You can choose from a range of truly authentic dishes: a gentle introduction right through to a deeper exploration into the Lao palate!

For a lively evening, join other travellers on Friday nights for a true Lao-style celebration, a Barbecued Fish Feast. It’s a convivial hands-on shared meal, and we demonstrate eating etiquette and explain the significance of the event.Explore the cuisine even further by advance booking one of our custom feasts: our celebrated “Adventurous Lao Gourmet” or a buffet of Luang Prabang specialities.
We look forward to welcoming you!

Set Dinner – highlights from our a la carte menu

  • Chunky bamboo and vegetable soup
  • Platter of Lao specialities, accompanied by sticky rice. Includes Luang Prabang sausage, dips, relishes (jeow) other local favourites a selection of Tamarind’s most popular menu items, and will be accompanied by detailed explanations of what the foods are and how to eat them.
  • Herbed fish steamed in banana leaf
  • Fragrant lemongrass stuffed with chicken
  • Stir fried young pumpkin with kaffir lime and ginger
  • Purple sticky rice dessert in coconut milk with tamarind sauce
  • Lao sweet confections
  • Lao coffee or tea
  • Welcome drink: infused Lao Lao shooter

Price: 120,000kip per person includes drinking water. Minimum: 2 people

  • We start with a colourful tasting platter of Tamarind’s savoury Lao dips (jeow).
  • Whole fish, marinated in herbs and stuffed with lemongrass are barbecued in banana leaves over charcoal. We serve them with a selection of noodles, vegetables, herbs and savoury sauces.
  • Have fun making wraps of your chosen combinations as we explain Lao eating customs & talk about Lao cuisine.
  • Your evening continues with a dessert featuring our acclaimed tamarind and coconut sauce, followed by a selection of seasonal fruit.

To secure a place, book at least one day ahead.
Cost: 110,000 kip per head
Deposit: 50,000 kip per person (refundable if you cancel 24 hours in advance)

Can’t make it on Friday night?
Groups of four or more can book a Pun Pa for lunch or dinner any day.

The real flavours of Luang Prabang, all served as a traditional Lao meal: a buffet of all the local specialities. Orlarm, traditional eggplant and meat stew; our Luang Prabang version of laap (the national dish of pounded meats and herbs); steamed fish in banana leaves and Luang Prabang salad. All accompanied by sticky rice, side dishes and dipping sauces. Unusual flavours will help you to understand a little more about the Lao palate, and what the locals may be eating in their homes each night. A real local treat!
Price: 125,000 kip per person includes drinking water.

Order a day in advance. Minimum: 2 people



A degustation-style menu showcasing more unusual Lao foods: those served in local homes, from foods found only in local markets or foraged from the jungle.  Small servings of each dish & clear explanations of what they are and how Lao people would eat it will ensure a wide variety of tastes & textures, without a sore stomach. Tell us how game you are & we will adapt the experience to your taste.  Only for the most adventurous and inquisitive: not all dishes may be to your taste!

Price: 420,000 kip, serves 2 people (please book one day in advance)

Add a market tour the morning of your Adventurous Lao Gourmet meal.  Join chef Joy at dawn to pick your ingredients, choose cooking techniques & get to know what else is in the market. Additional $50, for 1-4 pax