Gifts, Produce & Cookbooks

Take home a taste of Laos !

We offer a range of specialty produce, gifts, cooking implements and cookbooks. All locally grown and packaged. A great reminder of your visit to Luang Prabang, or gourmet gift for a friend

At present, our products are available for sale only in our restaurant, and not online.

Sticky Rices

A range of sticky rice varieties, both loose and gift packs.  A Lao staple: easy to prepare, fun to eat & a great gift or reminder of your stay.  Also known as glutinous rice, it is in fact gluten-free and is perfect for dipping into tasty & spicy sauces.  Recipes included.


Cookbooks and Cooking Aids

You’ve enjoyed Lao food… now learn how to cook it! We carry a range of items to help you create and present Lao dishes.




Tamarind and Coconut Sauce

Our own highly addictive sweet sour dessert sauce. If you’ve tried it with our purple sticky rice you’ll want to take some home.


Luang Prabang’s Famous Khai Pene and Traditional Sweet Chilli Paste “Jeow Bong”

A culinary delicacy made from local river moss, pounded into paper-thin sheets and sun-dried with tomatoes, garlic, and sesame. We’ve sourced the best quality available. Khai pene An extremely popular chilli relish or dip: mildly spicy yet sweet. Great with sticky rice and steamed vegetables, grilled meats, poultry or fish.


Chilli Ladder

Dried chilli powder from local chillies: three levels of heat. Start at the bottom; move up to the famous, fiery mak pet kinou at the top.


Seasonings and Spice Rubs

Our fragrant blends of herbs and spice for flavoursome cooking.



Famed for its full bodied taste, grown in Southern Laos , this is rarely available outside the country. Laos ’ best, chosen by us for its full-flavoured roast.





Local Teas and Fruit Infusions

We carry a wide range, loose or in handcrafted teabags. Fruit teas from exotic dried local fruits are celebrated for their medicinal properties.



Lao Lao: Rice Whisky

The local potent brew, straight or infused with a seductive range of fruity flavours.